Membership Registration

The VWA encourages all widows based in Port Vila and on the island of Efate including all other provinces at a later stage to register with the Association. Registration is pertinent so that the Association can contact the widows for training and celebration purposes and also become the voice and space for them in influencing government policy on the happiness and prosperity of widows in Vanuatu as a whole. 

There are Membership Registration Forms in both English and French. There are two parts to the Membership Registration Forms:  one part is to capture the personal details of the widow while the second part contains questions that will assist the VWA continue to have updated information on any forms of hardship and discrimination that the widow faces to be documented in a longitudinal study in the future.

It is the intention of the VWA that widows will be trained on their human rights and also have the correct information to seek assistance from any humanitarian institutions that cater for their protection in Vanuatu.

Members who are interested to apply, can download the required form, print and complete the form and send it to the VWA or they have the option of completing the application form online which will then be sent to the VWA for processing.

Registration Form Bislama | Registration Form English

Online Registration