In late June 2019, the newly elected President and her Vice-President with the outgoing Honorary President and Honorary Vice President submitted a project proposal to the South Pacific Community/Regional Rights Resource Training Centre (SPC RRRT) through the Ministry of Justice & Community Affairs seeking financial assistance to implement a small project under the Pacific People’s Action for Change (PPAC) Programme of the SPC RRRT to undertake a baseline research study, capacity-build the VWA executive members and run training workshops for widows and non-widows on Efate and Espiritu Santo. It is anticipated that this type of research will be carried out in other provinces so that a holistic view of the plight of widows is provided. Furthermore, it is anticipated that a longitudinal research study be undertaken to check on the improvements made to the lives of widows of Vanuatu.

Training reports on good governance ethics & integrity standards; financial literacy; starting & managing your business and training workshops provided by VWA is also included in this section.