As President of the Vanuatu Widows’ Association (VWA), I would like to sincerely welcome you to the Vanuatu Widows’ Association Internet Webpage. A big heartfelt thank you is extended to the South Pacific Community Regional Rights Resource Training in Fiji for their kind support under the Pacific Peoples Action for Change programme.

“A strong woman is the spouse or partner supporting her husband as a leader in Vanuatu”. During the International Widows Day celebrations on 23 June 2012, the VWA elected its executive members including these prominent office bearers: Jenny Viregagaru Ligo; Mary Jack and Maturine Tary as technical advisors, Mary Ketu Lini as honorary president, and Lucy Sandy as vice president. One year later on 23 June 2013, the Vanuatu Widows Association (VWA) was registered as a charitable institution under CAP 148 of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission’s Charitable Act.

VWA held its first international widows’ day celebrations in Erakor Village on 23 June 2013. The Association worked with no income and depended entirely on the generosity of certain leaders in Vanuatu such as: Jenny Viregagaru and her spouse, Joe Ligo, Letty Kaltonga, Kathy Mandell, Marie-Louise Carcasses, a few MPs and business houses in Port Vila, who donated food and funds to bring widows together from the Port Vila wards and the SHEFA Province to participate in these annual celebrations. Other VWA annual celebrations were held in Pango Village; the Seaside Central Ward of Port Vila; Ifira Island; Mele Village; Anglican Church in Tagabe and in 2019 at the Ramada Resort which was funded by the Oxfam Vanuatu under its Governance, Leadership and Accountability programme.

The VWA recognized the need to extend its executive membership to “Friends of the Widows” or non-widows which saw new office bearers being elected at Ramada Resort on 23 June 2019 to govern, lead and manage the civil society organization. 

The Association opened its first bank account with the Bred Bank in October 2019 to implement its SPC/RRRT PPAC project activities and also bank annual contributions of 100 Vatu per widow received from its members. The VWA now has a Membership Database. However, as there is no state social security system to assist widows as a marginalized group in Vanuatu and in the work of the VWA, we are appealing for your generous donation to be deposited into the VWA Bred Bank Account #: 01024103010015, Bred Bank, PMB 9088, Lini Highway, PORT VIILA, Vanuatu, Telephone: +678 29111, Fax: +678 29003, Email: ebs@bred.vu; Swift Code: BREDVUVUXXX.

Thank you for visiting our Webpage and assisting the VWA in any way you can.

Dr Andrina Komala Lini Thomas
President of the Vanuatu Widows’ Association